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5% Safety Levy

S2SA is one of Manitoba’s industry-based safety programs (IBSPs), programs offering safety training and services designed to help keep workers safe on the job, in partnership with SAFE Work Manitoba. These programs are an integral part of Manitoba’s prevention infrastructure.

IBSPs are funded by all employers within the corresponding classification. The Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) collects and distributes these program fees (called a safety levy) through employers’ premiums as a percentage of their rate.

Over the past year S2SA and other key stakeholders have been involved in a review of the funding for IBSPs in Manitoba. As a result, the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) has launched a new funding model that provides for:

  • Predictable and sustainable IBSP funding from the WCB,
  • A level playing field for existing and future IBSPs,
  • Support for expansion and the creation of new IBSPs.

As a part of the new model, the safety levy will be capped at five per cent of the WCB premium for all employers. Funding beyond the five per cent safety levy will now be provided by the WCB. As such, there will be no reduction or disruption of service from S2SA as we move to the new funding model.

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