Evangel Oputa

Evangel is the Marketing Manager at S2SA, a marketing strategist specializing in designing and implementing digital, business, marketing, brand, and growth strategies vital to a business’s success. He is also the Host of “One Thing About Life” Podcast.

He obtained his first degree in Bcom from The University of Mumbai and a postgraduate degree in marketing from The University of Lagos. In addition, he holds several diplomas in digital marketing, social media marketing, e-business and a certificate in Brand Management from the University of Toronto. He is an AWS Certified cloud practitioner, Google certified digital marketing professional. 

He is a member of the Internet marketing association (IMA) and the American Marketing Association (AMA) – Toronto Chapter.

With over nine years of direct experience in the Information Technology, Financial Services, Financial Technology (Fintech) and Marketing & Advertising industries, in various capacities in marketing and brand management, business development, account management, sales and lead generation. He had the opportunity of building partnerships with Governments, Large, Medium, Small-Scale Businesses and retail entities across three continents and has designed and implemented successful marketing and growth strategies for businesses of all sizes.

He is passionate about marketing and technology and uses his knowledge to help individuals and companies adapt, overcome and succeed in the modern world. He often keeps up with the latest trends; you can call him a student teacher because he is always learning new growth marketing strategies and how to grow a business leveraging technology. 

His mission is to effect positive change, inspire individuals and businesses to reach their goals, and positively impact the world around him. Because he believes that anything worth doing is worth doing well, he always strives to do great work and be a valuable contributor to clients’ success. Outside work, he enjoys cooking and spending time with family and friends.