Kareen Dahlin [CRSP, CHSC, CRM]

Kareen Dahlin holds the position of Consulting Manager & Senior Safety Advisor. Since November 2019, she has served as a Senior Safety Advisor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Political Science, an Agricultural Diploma, a Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety, and professional designations: Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)®, Canadian Risk Management (CRM), and Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC). Kareen has over 15 years of experience in health and safety and risk management at various organizational levels and industries including automotive, retail, agriculture, and food manufacturing. 

Key position responsibilities at the Sales and Service Safety Association are leading consulting, member services, and program development along with supervising/mentoring Safety Advisors. The key objective of this role is to serve our members by improving their Safety Management System (SMS). She accomplishes this through conducting SMS phase consulting, member services, gap analysis, SAFE Work Certified Audits, training, advisory services, and member site inspections to identify hazards and provide recommendations on controls. Experienced in developing policies and procedures for multiple locations and holding positions at various organizational levels has given her capabilities to overcome challenges management, supervisors, workers, and safety committee members face in obtaining buy-in and implementing safety programs. She recognizes safety business integration is the critical link to a successful safety program and is practiced in developing processes, programs, initiatives, and business strategies to integrate safety. She is accomplished in reducing WCB costs through safety policy development, tactical program implementation, and claims management.

Kareen is a leading supporter of SAFE Work Certification with first-hand experience bringing members to certification and has observed the benefits our members receive through certification. She is a great advisor to acquire with a friendly, open demeanor and sense of humor, and truly enjoys working with our members. Along with her ability to successfully work with members, innovative problem-solving, and valuable years of safety and business experience back abilities to bring you to SAFE Work Certification or improve your safety program. For SAFE Work Certified members and members with established safety programs, she can continue to advance members’ organizations beyond safety compliance toward safety culture change.

Other professional experiences have included incident management, fleet management, Agriculture laboratory work in canola haploid production and Manitoba-originating species rose cloning, environmental water and species at risk monitoring programs, conducting organizational risk assessments, and developing audits and programs for food safety, product safety, and organizational risk control.

Outside of the office, time is spent at her cabin, where she enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, games, and painting with her family. She hopes to soon resume her traveling passion, which has been on hold for the last few years.