Customized Safety Training

We teach practical methods and tools to implement in your workplace. Courses are required for certification and are offered at the committee, supervisory, and leadership levels.

Safety Advisor for a day can include the following:

  • Emergency Plan – risk assessment map and drill
  • Safety Manual Development or Policy writing
  • Safety Bulletin Board Set-up
  • Clearing SMS 4 phase development gaps
  • Return to work plans and accommodations
  • Critical Job Inventory Development
  • Ergonomic Assessment (full department)
  • Job Hazard Analysis or Safe Work Procedures
  • WCB claims management and injury stats
  • Customized Safety Talk creation and delivery
  • Violence, Work Alone, Threat Risk Assessments
  • Orientation development or delivery
  • Safety Data System, Chemical Assessment/Drill
  • Contractor Management and Orientation