Annual Inspection Program

The Annual Inspection Program is a special offering exclusively available to S2SA members annually

This program aims to help businesses ensure a safe and productive work environment by conducting thorough inspections and providing expert guidance on potential safety hazards.


The Annual Inspection Program includes the following key components:

1. General Workplace Inspections:

  • Our experienced Safety Advisors will conduct an inspection of your workplace, focusing on key areas such as facilities, equipment, and processes.
  • The inspections will cover various safety aspects, including hazard identification, ergonomic considerations, emergency preparedness, and adherence to safety regulations.
  • Inspections will be conducted following a general template to accommodate the needs of various industries

2. Detailed Inspection Reports:

  • Following each inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings, observations, and recommendations.
  • The report will outline any identified safety hazards, potential risks, and suggested corrective measures.
  • Recommendations will be provided to help your organization achieve compliance with safety standards and best practices.
  • We are not an enforcement agency, and hazards identified will be kept confidential and will not be enforced by S2SA.
  • A certificate of participation will be provided to document the completion of the inspection.

3. Safety Advisory and Support:

  • As part of the program, members will have access to Safety Advisors who can address specific concerns, provide guidance on implementing safety measures, and answer any safety-related queries.
  • Safety Advisors will be available for consultations via phone or email to offer ongoing support and assistance.

4. Program Duration:

  • The Annual Inspection Program will be available annually between July and October.

Benefits for Members:

  • Proactive identification and mitigation of potential safety hazards.
  • Enhanced compliance with safety regulations and industry standards.
  • Reduction in workplace accidents and injuries.
  • Improved employee and customer safety.
  • Expert guidance and support from our Safety Advisors.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your workplace is thoroughly inspected and in line with safety best practices.

Members will be issued a certificate of participation showing that they participated in the program. 

To enroll in the Annual Inspection Program or for more information, fill out the form and provide three preferred dates, and we will be in touch with you.

Please Note:

  • The Annual Inspection Program is an optional service available to S2SA members at no additional cost. 
  • S2SA is not an enforcement agency; we do not enforce corrections.

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