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Safe Work Manitoba logo

Safe Work Manitoba

SAFE Work Manitoba is the unified prevention organization responsible for promoting and delivering services related to workplace injury and illness prevention. Safe work bulletins, codes of practice, publications, video resources, workplace-approved forms/checklists and an extensive array of news and updates regarding the health and safety industry can all be found on their website.


MSA Saskatchewan Logo

Motor Safety Association of Saskatchewan

MSA Saskatchewan is the safety association for the motor vehicle industry in Saskatchewan. If you have offices in Saskatchewan, check out their website to see what services MSA can provide locally.


Manitoba Motor Dealers Association Logo

Manitoba Motor Dealers Association

The Sales and Service Safety Association (S2SA) is a program administered and supported by the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association.


Workers Compensation Board Logo

Workers Compensation Board

WCB has a great “Fact Sheets” section for clients! For any WCB information and resources including claims submissions, FAQ’s and your organizations current WCB Rate, visit their website.


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Logo

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

CCOHS offers Canadian based legislation, training and resources for all occupations. Resources including mental and physical health standards, general hazard identification and many other topics can be found through their website.


Work Safe BC Logo

Work Safe BC

Work Safe BC is the British Columbia equivalent to Manitoba’s Safe WORK. BC offers great resources in the form of videos, checklists and guiding documents that can assist you when looking for industry approved methods of compliance.