Musculoskeletal Injuries Assessments

Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSI) prominently rank as the most frequent type of injury, resulting in significant financial burdens for our members. To address this, we leverage the power of cutting-edge video technology in our Visual Ergonomic Assessments, ensuring minimal disruption to your workforce. This vision joint technology allows us to automate ergonomic risk assessments efficiently.

Our highly skilled Ergonomic Specialists meticulously identify potential MSI risks, delivering a comprehensive report bolstered by illustrative video documentation. But our involvement doesn’t stop there. We persistently collaborate with our members to devise innovative, practical strategies that effectively mitigate MSI risks, enhancing workplace safety and reducing associated costs.


  • Levied Members: $300+GST/ assessment
  • Aligned Members: $300+GST/assessment
  • Aligned Non-Members: $375+GST/assessment
  • Non-Members: $450+GST/assessment

Note: 50% discount for SAFE WORK Certified Companies