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Membership with S2SA gives you access to professional safety advisors, a broad range of occupational health and safety tools and resources, as well as significant discounts on training. We aim to help our members simplify the process of implementing safety programs, which in turn enhances employee and customer safety.

Member Perks
Enjoy a variety of discounts from our vendor partners.

Are You Already a Member?

Existing Members

S2SA already provides services to particular industry categories. Find out if you’re already a member of S2SA.

New Members

S2SA has been assigned as the health and safety association for additional specific industry categories. We are actively recruiting new members in these categories.

Enjoy the benefits of membership with S2SA:

  • 1 Get a free safety needs assessment or gap analysis of your existing safety programs.
  • 2 Access Safety Advisors to guide and develop tailored safety protocols.
  • 3 Tailored advice to prepare your organization for Safe Work Certification which can earn you discounts on your WCB premiums.
  • 4 Custom safety program
  • 5 Discount from our vendor partners
  • 6 Access to industry specific resources
  • 7 Ergonomic assessment assistance.
  • 8 Invitation to safety programs, seminars and webinars.