Our Story

Discover the history of our Association, history, how we were established and the milestones that have marked our Journey.

Apr 2015

Manitoba Motor Dealers Association (MMDA) established the Motor Vehicle Safety Association of Manitoba (MVSAM) to provide centralized, industry-specific resources for Manitoba’s motor vehicle and related industries to support safe, productive workplaces and confidence in workplace safety systems.  MVSAM gained support and began serving members from the following codes: 60402, 60503, 60404

Jan 2017

The first S2SA member to become SAFE Work Certified

Apr 2018

Name Change from MVSAM to Sales and Service Safety Association (S2SA) – to be more inclusive to our diverse membership as we looked to expand to other related industries.

Sept 2018

10th S2SA member to become SAFE Work Certified

Oct 2018

S2SA brought on two additional WCB classification Codes (60204, 61004)

Dec 2018

Became the first Industry Based Safety Program to become SAFE Work Certified

Jan 2020

S2SA was designated by WCB/SAFE Work Manitoba to provide workplace safety prevention services to an additional 44 WCB classification codes, all within the sales and service sectors, including retail and hospitality


Over 50 SAFE Work Certified S2SA Members