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What is SAFE Work Certified?

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With our partner, SAFE Work Manitoba, we are pleased to offer employers in our industries the opportunity to become SAFE Work Certified.

This provincial standard is a tool to measure your safety program against and it builds in a process of annual verification. It is built on the foundations of leadership commitment, hazard identification, risk control, and worker participation.

Each company will have their own journey towards certification, but generally it will involve getting your program put into place (if you don’t already have one), taking4 core courses through S2SA, participating in an audit-readiness gap analysis, closing any gaps, and then an external audit.

The Audit Process Includes Three Parts:

  1. A review of your safety program documents
  2. A walkthrough of your facility to observe your safety program in action
  3. Interviews with a variety of employees to find out if employees are able to apply safety in their daily jobs

Once you’ve passed your audit, your cycle of continuous improvement begins! That involves someone inside your company doing annual check-ins (maintenance) audits for 2 years.

After you’ve completed your first internal check-in audit appropriately, your company will become eligible for the Prevention Rebate, which is 15% off their WCB premiums (smaller employers will receive up to a maximum of $3,000).

S2SA will help you each step of the way and will work with you to take your program to the next level.

To learn more about SAFE Work Certification and/or the services we offer call204-779-8296or email[email protected]to be put in contact with one of our friendly Safety Advisors.

SAFE Work Certification Policies and Procedures