Being a part of the Sales & Service Safety Association has provided Toromont CAT with outstanding guidance and support in our journey to be certified as a Safety Work Certificated organization. It is this partnership that continues at add value in our ongoing journey to safety excellence and in achieving significate cost saving in our WCBannual premium while reducing risk for our employees. The ongoing opportunities for employee training, programming guidance and having a voice in how S2SA can provide our organization with resources and tools continue to be invaluable.

Robert Beal, CRSP
Health and Safety Specialist, Western Region
Toromont CAT

Being involved in our company’s health and safety program and being on the safety committee, I find our biggest challenge to Health and Safety is knowing all the areas that needs to be addressed and then communicating our plan properly to all staff members. We decided to use S2SA’s services to help us with the process to make sure we were not missing any important steps and to use their experience and knowledge to help us structure our safety program effectively and professionally.

Having an industry-based program like S2SA is really important to the process as they are able to link all of the program details specifically to the automotive world and provide documentation, feedback and real-world scenarios. What I feel others should know about S2SA is that they are there to help. They are on the dealer’s team, truly trying to help them succeed in developing the dealer program to be successful and specific to their needs.

S2SA has supported our company with all the steps, from developing procedures, providing documents and forms and, working together without the committee, answering any questions we have along the way as we move towards being safety certified. I would recommend S2SA to any and all dealerships to ensure the success of their safety program!

Devin Penner
Fixed Operations Manager
Ledingham GM

As a recognized top employer in Canada with over 57 years of business experience, Birchwood understands the responsibility to keep our team members safe. At Birchwood, we strive for excellence in all that we do, with safety at the forefront.

Before S2SA was formed, the motor vehicle industry recognized the lack of workplace safety and health expertise and resources available in the industry. Birchwood wanted to be part of seeing the whole industry implement safer work through prevention services. Since supporting the formation ofS2SA, we have seen the direct benefits through Birchwood’s Safety Program evolution. With S2SA’scontinuous support from safety advisors and their library of tools and resources, we were able to build and maintain our formal safety program.

All Winnipeg Birchwood locations have since achieved SAFE Work Certification and seen a direct cost reduction on our WCB premiums. Because all business systems are ever-evolving, we recognize that safety must evolve too. This can be achieved through continuous improvement and the ongoing support of S2SA. Having an organization that is available to assist us and is focused on the betterment of safety within our industry gives us peace of mind.

MaryAnn Kempe
Birchwood Auto Group
  1. What was your organization’s biggest challenge during your SAFE Work Certification process? Ensuring the same safety message was consistent across the Dealership’s Departments was our biggest challenge; Employer, Managers, Employees and our Safety Committee needed to be on the same page and communicate the same message. Following through and seeing the changes and improvements throughout this process was refreshing to everyone.
  2. Did the process help your organization to make meaningful changes to make your workplace safer? Definitely, safety was brought to the forefront, and it made all involved think about their duties and responsibilities throughout the day. The changes were noticed by all of us.
  3. Why did you choose to go through the SAFE Work Certification process? The Key Auto Group has 4 Cultural Values that are promoted throughout all the Dealerships. Safety is our primary Cultural Value and the Certification process aligned well with our goals and values.
  4. Why is the SAFE Work Certification process important to the industry? The Automotive Industry wants to be seen as a healthy and safe place to work. A safer workplace gives everyone the opportunity to go home safe to their loved ones.
  5. What do you want others who are considering becoming SAFE Work Certified to know? It is a continuous process that evolves and is never complete. It’s a culture that requires leadership support and diligence from all involved.
  6. How was S2SA able to support your team through your SAFE Work Certification process? S2SA ****was and continues to be an amazing group of individuals who supported us through the entire Certification process. No question was left unanswered. They gave us guidance and the tools and support needed to achieve our goals of becoming Safe Work Certified in 2017 and maintaining a safer workplace.
Swan River’s Key Chevrolet Buick GMC

Our Safety Advisor, Jordan, has been a great resource as we strive to become safety certified. He has been great to work with, providing templates, guidance, feedback, and suggestions, at every step along the way. The process has been broken down into small, manageable phases, making it feel less overwhelming. We are so grateful to S2SA for helping us navigate this process!

Charlene Stetch
Support Officer
St John Ambulance MB, NT & NU