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Using a simplified approach, Sales and Service Safety Association (S2SA) supports our members in building and maintaining safety programs that work for their unique business.

Call204-779-8296or email[email protected]to be put in contact with a Safety Advisor.

SAFE Work Certification

SAFE Work Certified is Manitoba’s safety and health certification standard. It helps make workplaces safer and provides a financial reward to employers that take proactive steps to prevent workplace injuries and illness.

S2SA is a certifying partner that can measure the health of your safety program against the provincial standard.

Successful completion of this standard allows members to qualify for a Prevention Rebate of 15% of their WCB premiums.

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Safety Training

We teach practical methods and tools that can be implemented in your workplace. Courses are required for certification and are offered at the committee, supervisory, and leadership levels.

Our Courses

Visual Ergonomic Assessments – NEW

Musculoskeletal Injuries are the most common injury type with the highest cost to our members. Our Visual Ergonomic Assessments use new video technology without disrupting your workers. This computer vision joint technology allows us to automate ergonomic risk assessments so that we can focus on solutions. A S2SA Ergonomic Specialists will identify MSI risks and provide a comprehensive report and video. We will continue to work with our members to develop creative and practical solutions to reduce MSI risks.
Description + This service is free to our members as an “introductory offer” – limited spots are available per month.


Program Development Guides

We offer step-by-step guides to help you create and implement the elements of a safety program in your workplace without having to know safety legislation.

Gap Analysis

See how your safety program measures up to provincial standards and identify any “gaps” in your program before certification.

Action Plans

Detailed step-by-step plans to help you close identified gaps.

Emergency Support

We are here to guide you through a serious incident or situation.

Shared Learning Templates

Use the experiences of others in similar industries to reduce risk at your own workplace by applying the lessons learned from their experiences.

Shared Learning and More

Technology solution via DealerPilot

The documentation component of a safety program can be complicated and time-consuming. DealerPilot’s platform can help make this easier.

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Access to Discounts

Member discounts for safety-related items (i.e. personal protective equipment) and services.

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