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COVID-19 Resources

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As information about COVID-19 develops, we will continue to refer to the Manitoba Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada for guidance.

Measures for protecting workers from exposure to the novel coronavirus depend on the type of work being performed and exposure risk. This includes potential for interaction with infectious people and contamination of the work environment. Employers should adapt infection control strategies based on a thorough hazard assessment. Appropriate combinations of engineering and administrative controls, safe work practices, and personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used to prevent worker exposures.

Shared Health Manitoba – Self-Assessment Screening Tool

Safe Work Procedures:

SWP COVID-19 – Contractors on the Premises
SWP COVID-19 – Disinfecting Vehicles
SWP COVID-19 – Drive Through Service
SWP COVID-19 – Handling Packages
SWP COVID-19 – Handling Payments
SWP COVID-19 – General Retail Sales
SWP COVID-19 – Glove Removal
SWP COVID-19 – Non-Medical Masks
SWP COVID-19 – Service Repair
SWP COVID-19 – Shuttle
SWP COVID-19 – Transactions
SWP COVID-19 – Vehicle Sales
SWP COVID-19 – Wash Bay
SWP COVID-19 – Working Alone or in Isolation
SWP COVID-19 – Working from Home Ergonomics

Safety Talks:

Safety Talk – COVID-19
Safety Talk – COVID-19 Related Stress
Safety Talk – Social Distancing


COVID-19 Employers Cheat Sheet
COVID-19 Safety Measures Poster Template
COVID-19 Safety Risk Assessment Template
COVID-19 Positive Test in the Workplace
COVID-19 Physical Distancing Poster
COVID-19 Return to Work Orientation Checklist Template
COVID-19 Contractor Orientation
COVID-19 Re-Opening Checklist

Information for Employers:

S2SA – Managing COVID-19 as an Employer
S2SA – Good Hygiene Practices
S2SA – Coping with Stress
S2SA – Social Distancing in the Workplace
S2SA – Maintaining Morale
S2SA – Positive COVID-19 Worker
Manitoba Chamber of Commerce – COVID-19 Toolkit for Manitoba Businesses
Manitoba Chamber of Commerce – COVID-19 Back to Business Toolkit for Manitoba Businesses
WCB – WCB’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Gov Manitoba – Information for Workplaces
Gov Manitoba – Workplace FAQs
Gov Manitoba – Right to Refuse Work
Gov Manitoba – Face Masks
Gov Manitoba – Health Order
Gov Manitoba – Employees Using Shared Vehicles
CCOHS – COVID-19 and Workplace Safety
CCOHS – COVID-19 Workplace Tip Sheets
CMHA – Responding to Employee Anxiety about COVID-19

Up-to-date Information:

Province of Manitoba
Public Health Agency of Canada
World Health Organization (WHO)