Safety for Senior Management (Virtual)



May 18, 2023

8:30 AM to 12:30 PM



Geared towards Senior Managers, this course is intended as a high-level “executive summary” of the organization’s health and safety responsibilities, and the SAFE Work Certified program. The SAFE Work Certified audit elements will be reviewed and assessed against their own health and safety program. This will provide them with an action plan to bring back to their workplace for implementation. The course is comprised of group discussions and a graded test.


Existing Levied Members: Free
Aligned Members: Free
Aligned Non-Members: $125 + GST / participant
Non-Members: $150 + GST / participant

If you are a business operating within the categories below, you are a levied member. This means you have paid the levy through your WCB premiums ad are entitled to full membership services and benefits.

60204 – Auctions, Appraisals, Picture Framing & Rental Stores

60402 – Automotive Sales & Repair

60404 – Automotive Body Shops

60503 – Heavy Industrial Equipment Sales & Service

61004 – Heavy Industrial Equipment Rental Services

A company that has signed an IBSP Letter of Support and paid their annual equivalent levy membership fee

A company whose WCB rate code has been assigned to S2SA who may or may not have signed a support letter and is yet to start paying their annual equivalent levy membership fee

A company whos WCB rate code is not aligned to S2SA

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a course or require any changes in registrations, please contact your Safety Advisor, or email Failure to provide at least three days notice for cancellations will result in a fee of $75.

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